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Mold Springs For Plastic injection Mold.

Mold Springs
1.excellent performance
2. high shock loads
3.maximum cycle life
4.Various types and sizes.

JIS TH type mold springs

Reliable JIS Mold coil springs,TH TYPE, with excellent performance, good compression and deflection value.

1,Consistent quality control
2,Quick delivery time
3,Excellent customer support
4,Made-to-order service available
5,Assured interchangeability
6,Various material choices

Our range of die springs is widely used in various industries. Hence, we offer different types of die springs such as:

* Lightest load spring
* Light load spring
* Medium load spring
* Heavy load springs
* Extra heavy load spring
* Super heavy load spring

Some of the salient attributes of our die springs are as follows:

* Versatile design
* Perpendicular angle of the springs towards the supporting & compression surface
* Good compression and deflection value
* Corrosion resistance
* Standard physical properties such as cutting, grinding
* Ideal working temperature